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Welcome to Scuola Athena!

ATHENA International Italian Language School is a friendly long-established school in the historic city of Lanciano. Italian language is taught by fully-qualified staff in a 15th Century building. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses are given to small classes throughout the year. The city itself is in the province of Abruzzo, only ten minutes from the beaches of the Adriatic coast, yet within half an hour of the snow-capped mountains of the Majella National Park.


Athena Italian Language School and Courses in Abruzzo - Italy


Italian Language Courses take place in Lanciano, an historic town situated on the Costa dei Trabocchi. Taught by qualified and experienced teachers, individual  and group courses are available throughout the year. Group courses are held from March to October.

Individual Courses

TextBullet Intensive courses: 10-20 hours per week
TextBullet The courses run daily Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:30 / 15:30 to 19:30
TextBullet Non intensive courses: 4-6 hours per week
TextBullet The courses run from Monday to Friday.
TextBullet The time and length of the lessons can be arranged with the teacher.
TextBullet Classes are held at all levels: beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced.


Group Courses 2018

Group Courses are provided 3 hours a day, 15 hours per week.

TextBullet Students may enrol for 1, 2 or 3 weeks
from  May 7 to May 25
from June 4 to June 22

TextBullet Classes are held at all levels: beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced
TextBullet Courses take place Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00
TextBullet Classes are provided for 4 to 8 students and up to 12 for organized groups.
TextBullet The minimum age for admission to language group courses is 18.
TextBullet Young students are admitted if accompanied by a responsible adult.
TextBullet One-to-one tuition can be added to the general group course.

Students enrolling for 1 or 2 weeks in a beginners’ class must still begin their course on the first day of one of the periods above.

Group courses of 15 hours per week can be arranged in different periods of the year if there is a specific request from a group of at least 4 students of the same level. A group course of 9 hours per week can be arranged for 3 students of the same level.

NB: in groups with fewer than four students the hours are reduced to 9hrs per week.


Concentrated Italian Language Courses

One-to-one 20 hours of lessons
20 hours of  lessons
30 hours of lessons
30 hours of lessons
40 hours of lessons
40 hours of lessons


Group Courses for people who live in Abruzzo

Weekly language classes: 2 hours per week at school

TextBullet Practical vocabulary
TextBullet Essential grammar
TextBullet Conversation

Weekly themed gatherings: 2 – 4 hours per week at school 

TextBullet Cultural events at school
TextBullet Conversation classes at school
TextBullet Talk and walk (short excursions around the city)
TextBullet Guided walking tours in the area
TextBullet Cooking classes (lunch included)
TextBullet Wine tastings
TextBullet Trips to local restaurants

Classes of the appropriate level – beginners, elementary, intermediate or advanced – are arranged for a minimum number of 4 participants. Very special rates for larger groups. 


Cultural Activities

Additional optional courses are available two afternoons per week in the following subjects:

TextBullet Regional cuisine
TextBullet Italian Literature and Art*
TextBullet Archaeological History of Abruzzo*

*Require some prior knowledge of Italian.

TextBullet The availability of all courses depends on a minimum number of 4 participants.


Courses available on request throughout the year

TextBullet Conversation classes
TextBullet Business Italian
TextBullet Italian for Tourism
TextBullet Italian for house buyers
TextBullet Courses for children
TextBullet Organized group courses
TextBullet Courses are available via Skype
TextBullet Courses for teachers of Italian
TextBullet Courses for Dante Alighieri Certification of proficiency in Italian
TextBullet Music classes


Dott.ssa Virginia Masciangelo

Piazza Del Malvò 6
66034 Lanciano (Chieti) ITALIA

Italian / English

Tel. +39 (0)872 40978
Tel. +39 (0)872 619074

email: info@athena-it.com



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